Stylish EMR Medi-Chip Olympic Bracelet
Stylish EMR Medi-Chip Olympic Bracelet

Stylish EMR Medi-Chip Olympic Bracelet

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Product Description

This Stylish EMR Medi-Chip Olympic Bracelet design contains a Key 2 Life® (EMR) with USB Medi-Chip. An individual utilizes this Stylish EMR Medi-Chip Olympic Bracelet to upload and store confidential electronic medical records. Access to confidential electronic medical records is urgent when a medical crisis arises.

Multi-Purpose Medi-Chip:
In addition to storing electronic medical records, there is sufficient data storage capacity to upload copies of legal documents, financial records, bank records, investment accounts, insurance policies, mortgages, vehicle registrations, and driver license for instant access of your other important documents and things in the event of an adverse environmental catastrophe, not limited to fire, flood, mudslide, hurricane, or tornado.

Carrying your crucial documents in a highly-secure USB Medi-Chip on your person is a brilliant solution for domestic citizens and family members, including military personnel are at home, at work, or at play. This Key 2 Life® (EMR) USB Medi-Chip is also a brilliant solution to be utilized by world travelers, cruise line passengers, and other vacationers visiting or relocating to foreign nations.

Whether you are facing a spontaneous health crisis, environmental crisis, economic crisis, or societal unrest such as riots or terrorism, you will be prepared to instantly deal with any crisis that arises to overcome adversity in your life and the lives of your loved ones. To accomplish these results, simply wear or carry a Key 2 Life® (EMR) USB Medi-Chip.

The Stylish EMR Medi-Chip Olympic Bracelet product separates to insert in a computer to acccess electronic medical records. This Stylish EMR Medi-Chip Olympic Bracelet is light weight (3 ounces) and 100% waterproof.