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Key 2 Life® (Medi-Chip) is a brilliant solution every individual from birth to eldest senior should own. Moreover, Key 2 Life is an exceptional and cost-effective solution for every family pet. The purchase of a Key 2 Life® means you and your loved ones have the power to save a life.  You have the technology to save your life, the life of family members,  the life of coworkers, and friends. Learn now why Key2Life® is an opportunity to save a life.



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The management will try to answer all questions promptly. SGMS knows the importance of prompt responses to questions. Customer Service is a priority. If you have a question send it in using email and management will respond promptly. Use this email:

How secure is Key2Life©?

Key2Life© utilizes a double password access and encrypted with 256 AES encryption program provided free of charge.

The EMTs have a read only page which they don't need a code to access with the information about you and your healthThey can access the quick report but the rest of the information stored is password protected for your privacy. 

How do First-Responders access Key2Life©?

Each Key2Life© contains a “Quick Report” page available to First-Responders. The Quick Report page contains vital, life-saving information so treatment begins promptly. The First-Responder can not alter or delete those life-saving directives.

How does the information get uploaded to my Key2Life©?

You or your doctor can upload information onto your Key2Life©. The Key2Life© is a Medi-Chip. Information can include x-ray images, MRI images, CT Scan images and any other image or data you decide to store on your secure Key2Life© Medi-Chip.

What if my Doctor won’t insert my Medi-Chip in his computer for fear of virus?

Each Key2Life© contains a current version of an anti-virus program which auto-runs in the background of the software t protect the Medi-Chip and protect any computer accessing the Medi-Chip.

Why should my doctor take time to upload my records?

First of all, those medical records are your medical records. The Doctor owns the work product notes but all medical records belong to you including test results, x-rays, medical reports, surgical reports. The most important reason your Doctor is willing to upload your medical information is payment – the Doctor is paid to perform that task. The insurance company typically pays the Doctor for time performing the medical record update following each office visit.

Can I update my information?

You can update your information anytime, any place, for any reason as often as you wish.


Key 2 Life® (EMR) Testimonials

To Whom It May Concern:

The Key 2 Life® (EMR) is a valuable lifesaving tool during a medical emergency. It saves time and expedites electronic medical record access.

Medical patients who carry Key 2 Life® (EMR) also benefit, because medical patients save time during scheduled medical office visits. Bringing medical history and dental records loaded in the chip of the Key 2 Life® (Medi-Chip) is convenient and expedites each medical office visit.

Larry I. Gilderman D.O
Diplomate American Board of Family Practice

Joseph A. Wilson Sr. PA-C
Physician Assistant, Family Medicine

Adrea J Ramsay, M.D.
Diplomate American Board of Family Practice

Medical Experts
University Medical Center Family Practice


To whom it may concern:

I was a very successful daycare owner for over 8 years. At 28, I felt healthy until I suffered a seizure. It took 6 days to stabilize me and I was on life support 20 days.

I now suffer epilepsy, emphazema, asthma, anemia, diabetes, sleep apnea, and allergic to codeine. In addition, I have a rare blood Rh factor.

My physicians encouraged me to wear medical alert device. I bought a Key 2 Life® (EMR) as a necklace. I feel confident knowing my medical history, meds, allergies, advanced directives, and emergency contacts for my family are easily accessible to medical personnel if I suffer another health crisis.

Thank you again for your amazing Key 2 Life® (EMR).

MistyMedical Patient


To whom it may concern:

On a flight from Los Angles to New York, a passenger suffered a heart attack. That passenger was wearing a Key 2 Life® (EMR) bracelet. I plugged the Key 2 Life® (EMR) into my laptop to access the passenger’s electronic medical records.

The Stewardess summoned two doctors traveling on that flight. Both doctors came forward and checked my laptop screen, determining that passenger was allergic to nitro glycerine. The Stewardess was directed to radio ahead for an ambulance standing by.

The passenger survived flight and was transported to the hospital. The Key 2 Life® (EMR) warned both of those doctors not to administer nitro glycerine but by reading electronic medical records stored on Key 2 Life® (EMR).

Sylvia, Airplane Passenger


I followed your step-by-step instructions. The customer service is is the best. It was easy to upload my confidential medical records thanks to the file you sent me with clear instructions. I had my Key 2 Life® (EMR) setup quickly.


Thank you, Richard

Richard, Medical Patient
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